Suspension of the FNG NV share

Suspension of the FNG NV share



Brussels, Amsterdam, 11 May 2020 – At the request of the supervisory board of FNG NV (FNG, Euronext Brussels and Euronext Amsterdam) (“FNG”), the regulator FSMA has suspended the FNG share (ISIN BE0974332646) on Euronext. FNG NV refers to its press release of 29 March, in which it was already explained that COVID-19 has an important impact on its figures and activities. Despite the reopening of the stores as from 11 May 2020, FNG NV is not yet able to fully assess the concrete consequences, but the financial impact will be considerable. In addition, in the context of the periodic review of the 2018 annual report, the regulator FSMA has requested clarification regarding a number of transactions that took place in 2018. Given that the required information cannot yet be provided internally, the supervisory board has asked the FSMA to suspend the share price so that the necessary documents and information can be collected in the meantime and the market can be fully informed. The share will remain suspended until FNG can provide more concrete information. Given the above, the group is conducting a thorough analysis of its figures and activities in order to work out a realistic plan for the future on this basis. FNG NV intends to provide more information in the week of 18 May. In the meantime, FNG NV will make no further announcements on this subject.

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