Investeerders – FNG NV

Investeerders – FNG NV

FNG NV BE0697.824.730.


Overeenkomstig het Koninklijk besluit nr. 4 van 9 april 2020 houdende diverse bepalingen inzake mede-eigendom en het vennootschaps- en verenigingsrecht in het kader van de strijd tegen de Covid-19 pandemie, heeft FNG besloten om de openbaarmaking van haar jaarlijks financieel verslag 2019 en jaarlijkse algemene vergadering uit te stellen tot een nader te bepalen datum. De exacte datum van de openbaarmaking van het jaarlijks financieel verslag 2019 en de jaarlijkse algemene vergadering zal worden gecommuniceerd van zodra hier meer duidelijk over bestaat.


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Financiële kalender

28 April 2020 – postponed (new date to be determined) Annual results 2019
29 May 2020 – postponed (new date to be determined) Ordinary shareholders’ meeting
30 September 2020 Half year results 2020
27 April 2021 Annual results 2020
28 May 2021 Ordinary shareholders’ meeting
30 September 2021 Half year results 2021


Share capital 60,679,208.36 EUR
Total number of shares with voting rights 11,200,663
Denominator (total number of voting rights)* 12,284,602
Outstanding convertible bonds 220
Outstanding subscription rights 220
Total number of additional shares to be created upon conversion of the interest free vendor note 700,000
ISIN BE0974332646
Euronext symbol FNG

* as of 22 June 2020

In accordance with the Belgian Companies and Associations Code, Article 33 of FNG’s Articles of Association provides for double voting right for registered shares held for at least two years by the same shareholder. Dematerialisation or transfer immediately cancels the double voting rights attached to these shares. All other shares entitle the holder to one vote per share. As a result of the double voting rights attached to a number of shares, the total number of voting rights (the denominator or noemer) may differ from the total number of shares.

Notification thresholds

In accordance with the Law of 7 May 2007, any shareholder who directly or indirectly acquires a number of voting rights exceeding 5%, 10%, 15% (or any subsequent multiple of 5%) of the total number of voting rights, is required to inform the FSMA (Financial Services and Markets Authority). The denominator is used to calculate the percentage of voting rights.

FNG does not have any additional statutory thresholds.

The notification to the FSMA is done via form TR -1 BE, which can be downloaded from the FSMA website: This form should be communicated to the FSMA via email:

A copy of the notification should also be sent to FNG:

Shareholder Country Transparancy notification date Number of shares Percentage of voting rights*
Dieter Penninckx
Anja Maes
Belgium 29 May 2019 86,817 0.75%
Emmanuel Bracke Belgium 29 May 2019 43,000 0.37%
Greenway District BVBA Belgium 29 May 2019 44,252 0.38%
3NG NV Belgium 29 May 2019 3,739,554 32.12%
GW2 BVBA Belgium 29 May 2019 679,632 5.84%
Manco GDM BVBA Belgium 29 May 2019 525,000 4.51%
Total controlled by Dieter Penninckx, Anja Maes and Emmanuel Bracke 5,118,256 43.96%
Participatiemaatschappij Vlaanderen (PMV) NV Belgium 24 June 2020 1,292,533 11.27%
Cidron-eCom S.à.r.l Luxembourg 13 January 2020 1,174,080 9,63%

* the percentage of voting rights is based on the current denominator, even if the transparency notification dates from before the introduction of double voting rights or a change of the denominator.